Monday, July 20, 2015

The Evolution of An Author, Pandora Esperanza

Photo Cred goes to C.Norris Young. Thank you

I have three great passions in my life dance, music and the written word. These three mediums provide catharsis like none other. Dance allows me to become one with the music. The music  ministers to my soul and my soul speaks the language of movement. As for the written word, I have always loved to read and write. My earliest writing was in the form of personal journals. I wrote in journals for years, until I had the unfortunate realization that people will read a person's personal journal and take and entry that was made in a time and space before you even knew them and twist it to their own devices. Lesson learned, writing in journals had to stop.

So how did I get here? Good question. I started out as a SUPER fan of Latin Mega Star Chayanne with something to say. It turns out that over the years, it's been a lot of somethings *smiling*. My first blog is called Pandora's Caja (Pandora's Box). We all know that story right? Girl opens box and all kinds of nasty things are released into the world, but the last thing in the box was hope. That has been my story for the last five or six years now. My first blog grew from a fan based blog, to a space where I had the ability to reach out to artists that I enjoyed, singers, writers, film makers and talk to them.

My evolution continued, then came the poetry (Love Interrupted) , my separation and divorce (46 and Starting Over Finding Life After Divorce The Re-Mix), and then just observations about life (Trees From Ashes), and my newest Foot Notes, "The Last Word" Book Reviews by Pandora Esperanza.  Thank God for cyberspace. I can create something and send it out into the ether and share my thoughts and feelings in what ever form they choose to manifest themselves.

I am a single mother of four trying to make my way in the world, and at the same time, leave something of myself behind. Words will remain when we are long gone. I look at my writing as an open journal to the world. Know this, I will never write anything to bring anyone harm, that's not my bag. There's already too much of that out there in the world.

I write to express what's in my heart and mind. I have so many pages right now that it's starting to be hard to keep up! *laughing* I could never do all of this alone. First I want to thank God, in whom I believe that all things are possible, for giving me a knack for words. I want to thank my children, You are the anchor that holds me to this world.You four are the best things that I will ever accomplish in this life and I will love you beyond my last breath. I must thank Fantasia Chayane for holding down the Pandora's Caja FB page. My Sister Gurl, my twin heart, without you Pandora's Caja would not have been able to last as long as it has. When my life was topsy turvy, you held it down. For that I will love you forever. Anniee Renes of Chayanne Rocks....what can I say. You have been Sister Friend and mentor. You have been the voice of "It is what it is". The voice that taught me to embrace the process and all that comes with it. Thank you for encouraging me to "become".

With that being said, I Am Pandora Esperanza, and this is my world and how I choose to express myself. I hope that somewhere in these pages you will find something that will entertain you, that will speak to you. My journey, my evolution is written in these pages, I have been shaped by the good and not so good of my life. Each day that we are fortunate enough to open our eyes and see a new day is the beginning of a new journey. I'm inviting you to come along with me on mine. All you have to do is open the box, you might like what you find.

Much Love ,

Pandora Esperanza